Redefining Construction by enabling 3D Concrete printing

By developing, applying and offering mobile and modular 3D Concrete Printing techniques CyBe Construction offers new solutions and redefines the construction industry. This way of construction is much cheaper and faster than traditional methods while retaining the same high quality of the concrete.  On our webpage you can get informed about various products that together offer solutions for free form design, increased sustainability and a reduction in complexity of the fragmented construction process. Besides, various projects in which these products are applied are shown. These possibilities solved known problems for architects, precast factories, contractors and other parties in the construction industry.
 In order to be of service to all of our customers we divided our strategy in three core activities:

CyBe Construction Technology

We develop new tools for various applications in house or in cooperation with clients. This manifests itself in the R&DO projects we currently work on. This further develops our current possibilites while coming up with affordable solutions for clients, partners and the construction industry as a whole.

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CyBe Construction Products

The innovative technologies we develop are being sold to customers to solve problems in the construction industry. We sell among others our 3Dprinters, CyBe software and CyBe MORTAR 3D printing material.

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CyBe Construction Projects

We 3Dprint both small  and large scale construction projects for a wide range of customers.  This differs from printing an entire building in elements and enabling free form designs in complex architectural structures to printing products on location or the massproduction of smaller models.

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