Welcome at CyBe Construction

Every day people come up with new technologies to simplify the world we live in. And why wouldn't they? Why would you do something the hard way when there are much easier methods to accomplish those things? That's exactly what we thought when we started working with 3Dconcrete printing to change the world of construction as it is today. 
CyBe Construction develops, sells and does 3Dconcrete printing. This way of construction is much cheaper and faster than traditional methods while retaining the same high quality of the concrete. On our webpage you can take a look on the various kinds of products and projects that led to tons of solutions for all kinds of clients. 

What we do

3DConcrete Projects

“Seeing is Believing!” We do this by providing 3Dconcrete printing services. With our own CyBe R 3Dp we’ll happy to produce your neat concrete product.

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3DConcrete Products

By converting a 3Dmodel with our software we can print it with our hardware by using our material. The combination of our own 3Dconcrete printing material, hardware and software results in the best objects. 

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3Dconcrete R&DO

To get the best out of our technology and products we experiment a lot and carry out a lot of tests for the benefit of both ourselves, our partners and our clients.

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What we are


Facilitate a 4th industrial revolution by enabling cheaper, faster and high quality construction methods


Personal and professional approach and relationship with every client, stakeholder and employee.


Seeing is believing, sharing our results with everybody and proving the concept.

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Adres: Kanaalstraat 12b, 5347 KM Oss, the Netherlands
Phone Number: +31 (0)412 669 444
E-mail: Info@CyBe.eu