Back in 2013 we discovered some radical changes in various industries by the implementation of 3Dprinting. We saw how those technologies simplified those industries and decided to apply the new methods to the construction sector. In november of that same year CyBe Construction was born under the roof of Dome-X in Oss (Netherlands). More and more companies saw the benefits of our 3Dconcrete printing technology and that helped CyBe to grow and build it into the organisation that it is today.

Because of the dynamical nature of the technology we continue to grow every year and we want to keep doing that. Most importantly, we want to achieve our goals while having fun!

Our Mission

By continuous development of the mobile and modular technology CyBe Construction is able to apply and offer the 3Dconcrete printers to the construction industry. Those methods can be applied in various ways in de industry so the process can be realized in a faster way while the products are cheaper and more sustainable. By enabling those techniques we want to solve current and future problems that have both economic and social impact.

Our Vision

The only constant is change. We belief that through increasing technological possibilities and interdisciplinary collaborations innovative methods can be developed and applied. By enabling those methods the current construction sector can be changed revolutionary. This change is necessary! The application of these innovations are enabling among others free form design, digitalised and automatic building processes and downsizing the complexity of fragmented construction industry. These innovative solutions not only will affect the construction industry but the whole global society.


Our Core-values


Facilitate revolutionary technology by enabling cheaper, faster and high quality construction methods


Personal approach and relationships with every client, stakeholder and employee.


Seeing is believing, sharing our results with everybody and proving the concept of 3D concrete printing.


We are competent and work with passion on 3D Concrete printing. Moreover we want to discover and develop those skills for our team, our partners and our clients.

To be of service to every customer we have divided our strategy into three different core-activities


For any questions related to technology, products and projects please fill out the contact form. For marketing or PR questions please contact us by email or phone. Your questions are welcome and will be answered as soon as possible. You can also check out our FAQ if you need some quick answers to smaller questions.

Dome X
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The Netherlands

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