The CyBe R 3Dp is a modular 3D concrete printing system which has been developed by CyBe itself. The system is provided with CyBe CHYSEL software and compatible with the CyBe MORTAR material. By applying the R 3Dp for projects labourcosts and waste can be reduced. Furthermore time will be lowered up to 80% by merging design, engineering and production into one system.

CyBe R 3Dp Features


It is able to develop components to be integrated in the CyBe R 3Dp for specific applications. Besides, due to the modularity the dimensions can be attuned on the product.


The R 3Dp has an average printing speed of 200 millimeters per second depending on the product.


The printer gets delivered with among others software, mixing system and service assistance

3D Concrete Printing

3D printing in the construction industry is a construction method that can be cheaper, faster and more eco-friendly then traditional methods. The CyBe R 3Dp is a modular system which enables 3D concrete printing. The printer is controlled by CyBe ARTISAN, which works together with the slicingsoftware CyBe CHYSEL. We translate a 3D model into a Gcode-file which is a language that our printer can comprehend. The robot subsequently prints the physical 3D model in a relatively short amount of time. With this CyBe R 3Dp it is possible to create various products that are difficult to make with traditional construction methods. The benefits are for example enabling free form, sustainability and lowering of high costs.

The video shown on the right is part of our R&Do-project: 3D Formworks. Such formworks can be printed in approx. 20 minutes. During those 20 minutes little to none human labor has to be executed. See it for yourself in this video.

3D Concrete Printing: Behind the scenes

Technical Specifications

Range 2,750 mm
Printing speed 200 mm/sec
Number of Axes 6
Connectivity LAN
Conformity CE-marking
Service Full service  and educational support
  Remote assistance
Operators Needed 2 persons
What’s included:  
Hardware Manipulator
  Mix-pump system
  Control unit with interface
Software CyBe ARTISAN
Material CyBe MORTAR

The CyBe R 3Dp makes it possible to print various 3D Concrete products like:

  • Formworks
  • Walls
  • Sewerpis
  • Abutments
  • Floors
  • And much more....




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