CyBe Construction has developed the first mobile 3D Concrete printer which is able to move on caterpillar tracks: the CyBe RC 3Dp. This makes it easy to 3D print on-site. The mobile printed also has a high printing speed and an extended printing range. With this mobile 3D concrete printer it is possible to print among others high walls, on-site sewerpits and formworks against lower costs and in a shorter amount of time. 3D concrete printing is capable of increasing the quality of the product and is more eco-friendly thanks to reduction in CO2-emission and waste.

CyBe RC 3Dp Features


The manipulator is placed on caterpillar tracks which makes it possible to move freely. This makes on-site 3D concrete printing much easier.


The RC 3Dp can extend it's undercarriage to reach higher levels. This extends the range of the 3D printer vastly.


The integrated 3D concrete printing system has an average printing speed of 200mm per second and can achieve a speed up to 600mm per second.

3D Concrete printing

3D printing in the construction industry is a construction method that can be cheaper, faster and more eco-friendly then traditional methods. The RC 3Dp can be implemented in various projects. The mobile character of the device makes it very suitable for on-site printing. CyBe Construction is using the 3D Concrete printer for the R&Do-project for on-site sewerpits. Those pits will be printed on a certain location in a relatively small amount of time which simultaneously lowers the costs. The R&drone-laboratory is another example where the CyBe RC 3Dp will be utilized for this faster and cheaper method of construction.

CyBe RC 3Dp: Sneak Preview

Technical Specifications



Printing Range 2,750 mm
Printing speed 200 mm/sec
Enhanced speed up to 600 mm/sec
Max height  4,5 meters
Connectivity LAN
Conformity CE-marking
Service Full service  and educational support
  Remote assistance
Operators needed 2 persons
Power supply Electricity
What’s included:  
Hardware Mobile Manipulator
  Mix-pump system
  Control unit with interface
Software CyBe ARTISAN
Material CyBe MORTAR

The CyBe RC 3Dp makes it possible to print various 3D Concrete products like:

  • Formworks
  • Walls
  • Sewerpis
  • Abutments
  • Floors
  • And much more....


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