In order to answer your questions we have composed this list of the most frequently asked questions. If you can’t find the answer to your question on our website feel free to contact us.

What are the advantages of 3D concrete printing in comparison with traditional construction methods?

Traditional construction processes take up a lot of time and labor costs. Due to engineering and preparation time the construction takes a longer time span than 3D Concrete printing. Since we are able to automatize this process the time preparing a print is reduced a lot.

The final costs of 3D concrete printer are reduced too. This can be up to -70% depending on the product you want to print. This cost-reduction is the result of factors like low labor costs and material costs.

In addition 3Dconcrete printing enables new and other design possibilities. Giving architects more freedom in their design. Still there are many new design and engineering possibilities not jet being discovered and since the technology is being further developed new possibilities will occur.


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What are the features of the CyBe MORTAR material?

CyBe MORTAR is a material which by composition and properties can’t be compared to many regular concrete types. One of its wide range of benefits enabling 3DCP is that it achieves its final set in a matter of minutes and achieves structural strength in about an hour. CyBe Mortar develops high final strengths and unlike regular concrete has a disproportionately high flexural strength, which by engineering our material can even get to the range of being classified as Ultra High Strength Concrete. These properties enable printed elements to be either transported or provide support for further construction in a very short time. Obviously the huge win for the construction businesses and clients is the much shorter lead time, enabling shorter processes and therefore shorter overall building execution time. Another thing we do is making our material applicable according to existing building standards and regulations, while developing our own, which gives a material which is actually ready-to-use in the building industry. In addition we are doing a lot of research on our material itself, of course in relation with the 3DCP process with both elements being in constant development to maintain our lead position.

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Is it possible to work at CyBe Construction?

At the ‘Jobs’ page on our website you can find open vacancies for the CyBe Construction headquarters in Oss, Netherlands. When there aren’t any vacancies placed please feel free to send an open solicitation. Note that we need at least a resume and motivational letter if you want us to take your application into consideration. Furthermore have a lot of experience in working with graduate students who have done interesting researches at our company. Most of them joined our team right after their graduation.

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How do I become a business agent for CyBe Construction?

To redefine construction together with other organisations which are sharing our vision we have started to roll out a global business agent network since 2016. This network exists of organisations which are selling or products or acquire 3D concrete printing project for CyBe. The business agents are payed on a commission basis. For more information please read the terms and conditions for business .

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What help and services do you provide after I buy a printer?

First of all we will give you proper training so you can use CyBe 3D Concrete printing technology yourself. The software we use enables remote assist, which means we can fix almost all of your problems while working from our headquarters in the Netherlands. When the problem can’t be fixed by solving problems in the software, which is extremely rare, we will come to help you on site.

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Is it possible to distribute your products to my country and what are the terms of delivery?

We distribute our products worldwide. The printers are modular, which means they can be separated in smaller parts for transport easily. Additional costs such as transportation and import taxes will be added to the printer and are the buyer’s responsibility. The terms of delivery also depend on the location to which the product needs to be transported

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What are the prices of your printers, software and materials?

The exact prices of the products vary per region. When you want to import a printer from the Netherlands or to a location which is harder to reach the prices will go up. If you chose to buy one of our used printers the prices will reduce. The average prices of both the CyBe R 3Dp and the CyBe RC 3Dp are shown in the table below. When you buy one of our printers the needed software tools (CyBe CHYSEL, CyBe ARTISAN and CyBe DRAFT) and the printable material (CyBe MORTAR) are included.

Product Price
CyBe R 3Dp €299.000,-
CyBe RC 3Dp €349.000,-

Above mentioned prices are exworks.

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Is my product or project suited for 3D Concrete printing?

At the moment there is a vast amount of possibilities for using CyBe’s 3D Concrete printing technology. 3DCP enables free form design, which makes it possible to build complex forms. To check if your product or projects is suited all we need is a 3D-model or design. We will verify whether your plans are printable for us

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How exactly does 3D Concrete printing work?

We receive a 3D-model which can be made with one of the many CAD tools. With the help of our own software-tool (CyBe CHYSEL) we are able to convert a digital 3D model into the printing instructions (the .Gcode) needed for the 3Dprinters. The printer is operated by just two persons; one uses a control unit to calibrate the right position. The other operator oversees the mixing part that mixes the CyBe MORTAR which is used as material for the printer. After the print has started everything goes automatic. During this time we wait till the print is done and give ourselves the opportunity to get a cup of coffee.

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