Next to developing the technology we also implement 3D Concrete printing in various projects. Those projects are executed on both big- and small scale for a wide variety of clients. Underneath you'll find finished and ongoing projects where CyBe implemented 3D Concrete printing.

De Vergaderfabriek

Scope: Engineering and printing the elements 

Client: Slaapfabriek Teuge

Location: Teuge, the Netherlands

Current Phase: Engineering (Construction approval request)


Scope: Printing a 3D Bench                                         

Client: Dura Vermeer

Location: Spaarne, Haarlem

Current Phase: Finished


R&Drone Laboratory

Scope: Engineering and printing outer & inner works


Location: Dubai

Current Phase: Finished

3D PingPong

Scope: Printing two parts of a 3D Pingpong Table 

Client: ROC Leijgraaf

Location: Oss, the Netherlands

Current Phase: Finished

3D Bench

Scope: Printing a 3D Bench


Location: Dome X, Oss

Current Phase: Finished



Scope: Printing a pavillion 

Client: Bouygues Construction

Location: ViVatech, Paris

Current Phase: Finished